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I’m an artist, and a student of the arts. In this field you can never stop growing and learning new things because the field is always growing and changing. The industry perpetually comes out with new and better things.  

Always be open to trying out new ideas and new things, Free Your Mind from the status quo, don’t only think 'what is there', also consider 'what else is there' 'what else could be'. Think outside of the box.

I’ve studied computer graphics at Seneca for a number of years and though I’ve learned many things at Seneca, a significant portion of things I know and am capable of were self taught. Since much of my work is digital I would like to consider myself a Digital Artist. 

Have done work for a number of clients including the Printing Press, the Caribbean Camera, The Iron Pot restaurant & bar, and I’ve worked at Seneca as a Tutor for Art and Digital Media. A few of my associates and I are looking into starting up a digital media company for video, graphics and animation called Visual Media Design.

My free time is used striving to improve myself and my artwork; learning new things and new applications. When you learn something new, you get this power to do stuff; and when you are able to do stuff, it’s a fantastic experience, being able to do a thing beats not being able to do that thing hands down. currently involved in the production of indie comics, and have dreams of one day having one published.

The best way of getting in touch with me is through email.



A brief tutorial on what chrome textures are, how they work, how light behaves on different types of surfaces, building a chrome texture in a 3d environment and combining different kinds of textures onto a model.


Thanks for contacting me, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a nice day ^_^